Meme: Frozen Favorites

In honor of summer, I present this meme for you to use as you wish. You're welcome to reply with your answers in a comment, or on your blog, or repost this meme elsewhere.

  1. What frozen desserts do you like: ice cream, ice milk, sherbet, sorbet, granita, snow cone/shave ice, popsicle?

  2. What are three of your favorite flavors?

  3. In general, do you prefer fruit (strawberry, lime, etc.) or candy (chocolate, caramel, etc.) flavors in frozen desserts?

  4. Do you like smooth or chunky texture?

  5. You're in an ice cream parlor with dozens of flavors and different types of dessert. Do you buy an old favorite or try something you've never had before?

  6. What's the weirdest flavor you've tried -- and did you like it?

  7. If you could have any combination of plausible dessert flavors in an ice cream -- something you've never seen for sale or in a recipe -- what would you choose?

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meme: dear you

Write a letter to someone you hold dear.
Say whatever you hold in your heart,
whatever you may've not found the courage to say in person.
Express yourself.
No fear of hurting anyone or yourself.
no fear of rejection.

set your mind and your soul free.
just so you would know

Fly Free

Meme: Haiku Birdwatching

Just now I saw two indigo buntings at my birdfeeder. Plus, April is National Poetry Month and April 30 is Poem in Your Pocket Day. This gave me an idea for a meme.

Haiku Birdwatching Meme

1) Watch for birds today.
2) Write a haiku about one or more birds you have seen.
3) Post it on your blog.
4) Encourage other people to do the same and to reply with a link.
5) Enjoy the poems flitting around the Internet. Maybe you'll find one that you want to put in your pocket.

Here is mine:

indigo buntings
the sky has come down here for
a little visit
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Meme: April Flowers

Today I thought it would be fun to make a meme about flowers. Most people enjoy flowers, and even if you don't grow them yourself, you see them as you drive around. Other folks are welcome to copy this meme on their blogs or reply to it here.

1) What flowers are blooming right now in your area?
2) What is your favorite flower that grows where you live, and why?
3) What is your favorite exotic flower, and why?
4) Do you prefer cut bouquets or live plants?
5) Do you like flowers growing in beds, naturalized flowers, or both?

Here are my answers...

1) Tulip, grape hyacinth, cherry, crabapple, apple, strawberry, saskatoon, gold currant, honeysuckle, violet, dandelion, petunia, lobelia.

2) Gold currant, also sometimes called clove currant: Ribes aureum. It has trumpet-shaped yellow flowers with an intense spicy-sweet fragrance.

3) Gardenia. When I visited Mexico, one of my teachers was so fond of gardenias that she would buy a bouquet every other day or so. They were really cheap and their sweet fragrance would fill a whole room. I fell in love with them and started buying some for myself.

4) Live plants.

5) Both, but I tend to favor naturalized flowers.
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